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Aura Cacia Neroli Hydrosol - 3 Ounce

Aura Cacia Neroli Hydrosol - 3 Ounce

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Aura Cacia Neroli Hydrosol - 3 Ounce


Aura Cacia Hydrosols are the aromatic water solutions that remain after essential oils are distilled. These ready-to-use floral sprays deliver the benefits of essential oils in a single, sweeping spray. Each hydrosol is free of synthetic fragrance and gently preserved to ensure its safe use.

Citrusy, sweet, and floral

Use Aura Cacia Neroli Hydrosol to refresh and uplift.

To boost hydration, mist face or body before applying skin care oil.

Quick Tip: Spray neroli hydrosol on a cotton pad and wipe down face (avoid contact with eyes) to remove make-up.

No Synthetics
Tested for Authenticity
Not tested on Animals